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Bob and Norma Brown - Honnor Marine
In the summer of  '97 I was looking to buy a Coaster and found myself buying the company that produced them! Honnor Marine (UK) Ltd had gone into liquidation. They had been building and selling these boats for over 30 years. I had always admired these lovely classic boats and I felt that they should go on being manufactured, so I made an offer on the company and soon found myself the proud owner of the moulds. I moved the business up to the North of England to my existing factory site where we have during the last six years obtained our CE Mark for our full range of boats. As we cannot use the original trademark as it was given to McNulty Boats Ltd, which went into liquidation in September ?2, we now call our boats "The Original Devon Range".

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More recently, Nick and Lyndsay, developers of the Cape Cutter 19 were looking to gear up the production of this much sought after boat to meet growing international demand. We got chatting and I am now the proud owner of the moulds and production rights to the Cape Cutter 19. It is very exciting to add this boat to our fleet. She has proved herself to be a great sailing boat and she truly completes and is an asset to our range. We look forward to servicing the Cape Cutter 19 owners and with your support, continuing to grow from strength to strength.

History of the Cape Cutter 19 
The Cape Cutter 19 was developed by Nick & Lyndsay Voorhoeve. Their mission was to provide an outstanding classic yacht for sailing pleasure.

Their love of traditional boats developed in the Caribbean where they purchased and renovated a Dix designed Shearwater excursion schooner for day sail. (left) Impressed by her good looks and sailing ability, Nick and Lyndsay contacted Dix on their return to South Africa and commissioned him to design the Cape Cutter 19. 

A sailer himself, Dix enjoys performance and has a flair for traditional lines. Winner of the Cruising and Sailing World's 2001 "Boat of the Year" award, we are all very proud to have a designer of his calibre involved with the Cape Cutter 19 project. To find out more about Dix designs visit: www.dixdesign.com

Following the design phase, plywood plugs were built (left), then hull, deck and interior moulds were taken so that production could begin. 

Left, you can see the first hull coming out of the hull mould, a very exciting moment for all. Hence the Cape Cutter 19 was born.

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Hull.jpg (16099 bytes)

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We are pleased to be fully geared up. The Cape Cutter 19 is in production and we are proud to be producing top quality boats for your sailing enjoyment.

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